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June 2014
Hello Dr. ,

Having a group of Physicians agree on one topic is more difficult than having a group of soccer fans agree on which nation will win the World Cup this year. However, PRT Insights this month asked you about your Electonic Medical Records and the answers we saw showed a strong consensus that EMR implementation was difficult, costly, forced upon doctors by the government and so far not very helpful at all.   Of the 716 responses we received, 561 people or 78% said they have implemented EMR into their practice. For the purposes of these results, we will focus on those doctors that currently have the systems in place. Scroll down to see answers to some of the questions.

All in all, with several years of experience now with the electronic medical record, the general consensus is that despite the technology upgrades, most physicians feel the time loss and financial burden has not added clinical value to caring for the patient in any significant way. 

With these insights, I officially say goodbye to the paper will sorely be missed!

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James E. Carley, MD
President, Physicians Round Table

Physicians Round Table

How Long Has Your Practice Used EMR?

Of the 561 respondents, 30%  have used EMR for more than 5 years while  38% have used one of the systems for 2-5 years,  21% for 1-2 years and  11%  have used EMR for the just the past year. Our respondents were veteran users or EMR's with 90% of respondents spending time with their systems for more than 1 year. We can conclude that the panel has extensive experience in evaluating this mode of care.

After the adjustment period, how did EMR implementation change the number of patients you see per day?

Of the 561 respondents, 48%  said they see fewer patients per day,  38% said they see the same amount of patients per day, while  8% said they see more patients per day. See below for 6 randomly chosen thoughts about EMR from our panel or click here for the full list! 


On a scale of 0 to 10, how painful was the EMR implementation process
(10=very painful and 0= not painful at all)

588 respondents showed a mean average of 7.28 when asked how painful the EMR implementation process was. 25% of respondents selected 10 on the scale while 16% selected 9 and 15% selected 8. 

Physicians Round Table

How Satisfied Are You With Your Current EMR System?

While  % of the 561 respondents said they were very happy with their current EMR system, 
19 % conceded that they were not so thrilled with the system they chose.

Physicians Round Table

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