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May 2014
Hello Dr. ,

One of the joys of living in America is exercising our freedom to express our thoughts and feelings without reproach. I was reminded of this while I read your responses to this month’s survey on the state of medical practice in our country. What wonderful insight and honesty your provided in response to our questions about the increasing relationship between physicians and hospitals. 1,044 PRT members opened up about how these relationships can be both beneficial and negative for the community. You also provided some insights into your plans for the future. Scroll down to see the key findings.  

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James E. Carley, MD
President, Physicians Round Table

Physicians Round Table

Is Your Practice Currently Affiliated With A Hospital In Any of the Following Ways?

Of the 1,044 respondents, 28% are in an ongoing financial and/or shared services relationship with a hospital. The average length of time in that association was 11.7 years (range 1-50 years). 

What Do You Consider The Key Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Hospital Affiliation?

We saw an array of opinions from our physicians about what they felt were the key strengths and key weaknesses of their hospital affiliation. We listed the most popular ones for each below. To see a longer list, click on these links: STRENGTHS   or   WEAKNESSES


Satisfaction and Future Partnerships 


Overall, How Satisfied Are Your With Your Current Hospital Affiliation?

49 % of the 291 respondents who had indicated that they were in some sort of a hospital partnership said they felt satisfied with the arrangement. Another 16 % said they were very satisfied with their partnership. 21 % of physicians were neutral on the subject while 8 % were dissatisfied and 6 % that were very dissatisfied.  

Finally, we wanted to know which direction independent medical practices were headed. 752 respondents answered the question:

Is Your Practice Considering Entering Into Some Form of Hospital Affiliation or Partnership in the Next Two Years?


Of those physicians who are NOT already involved with a hospital, only 15% are considering joining up with a hospital partnership. This may represent some bounce-back trend compared to the migration of practices that were merging a few years ago. What is clear is that physician independence is fiercely fought for and autonomy in thinking about the welfare of the patient and the physician is at the forefront of their minds. What is still muddy is the future of medicine. There is some lingering mistrust of hospital administration and what trend is going to be next in the wake of health care reform. Meanwhile, overhead costs are increasing and reimbursement is not, which drives us to make day to day decisions without experience in these same areas of concern. Physicians Round Table is attempting to aid you in your negotiation of these troubled times. Thank you for your transparency and openness this month.

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