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January 2014
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With the start of a new year, we are excited to present the second edition of PRT Insights! 

For our January issue, we asked you to reflect on your career in medicine and tell us what aspects you consider to be favorable and which working conditions have been more adverse. About 1,300 PRT members pondered the query. Please scroll down to see the uplifting results.  

We are thrilled that more PRT Members took the time out of their schedules this month to complete our questionnaire. We hope the results will be a refreshing look into the minds of your fellow colleagues. For those with additional comments, feedback or ideas for future PRT Insights surveys, please click here to email me and share your thoughts.


James E. Carley, MD
President, Physicians Round Table

Physicians Round Table

Greater Patient Well-Being Overwhelmingly Fuels Physicians


At the conclusion of World War II, weary members of the World Medical Association gathered together to revise the historically poignant but increasingly outdated Hippocratic Oath. The process gave birth to the Physician's Oath, a renewed dedication to the humanitarian goals of medicine. Two of the declarations in the newly revised oath were:

I solemnly pledge to consecrate my life to the service of humanity

The health of my patient will be my first consideration

66 years later, more than 63 % of those surveyed agreed that helping patients improve their lives was the most positive aspect of their career as a physician. While the field of medicine is constantly changing, the core affirmation of serving the suffering still rings true for a majority of healers.

Governance, Paperwork, Lawsuits & High Stress Are Most Negative Aspects Of The Job, Doctors Say

While the Physician's Oath did not mention anything about Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, or Indemnity Agreements, PRT's second question for the January 2014 Insights Survey found that 70% of participants site regulation and red tape, high stress or risk of litigation and cost of malpractice insurance as the most negative aspects of their careers as physicians.

What is the most NEGATIVE aspect of your career as a physician?

By The Numbers: Does Tenure Change The Positive or Negative Aspects of Your Career As A Physician?

Do younger physicians agree or disagree with their more seasoned counterparts when it comes to rating the positive and negative aspects of their jobs? Here are some key findings:

All doctors, regardless of age group, agreed that helping patients improve their lives was ranked #1 in positive attributes.

All doctors regardless of age group agreed that regulation and red tape was ranked #1 in negative attributes.


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