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April 2014
Hello Doctor,

For the April issue of PRT Insights 1,384 members provided their opinions about their relationship with their pharmaceutical sales reps. Scroll down to see the results. 

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James E. Carley, MD
President, Physicians Round Table

Physicians Round Table

Which statement best describes your relationship with pharmaceutical sales reps?


A majority of respondents were very open to having pharma sales reps integrated into their practice. 63% said that reps had open access to meet with the physician or staff when available and to leave samples when appropriate. Another 21% said they allow limited access to pharma reps but they do allow them to leave appropriate samples with their staff. Only 11% said that pharma reps have limited access to doctors and staff and are only allowed to leave select samples while 5% said they do not allow pharma reps any access to staff nor are they allowed to leave any samples. 1,303 physicians answered this question.   

To what extent would you agree with the following statement:
Pharmaceutical sales reps are a valuable asset to me and my medical practice

A majority of physicians surveyed answered in the affirmative when asked if pharma sales reps were a valuable asset to their medical practice.  48% said they Agree with the statement and another 24% said that they Strongly Agree with the statement. While 18% said they Neither Agree nor Disagree with the statement, only 5% said they Strongly Disagree and 5% said they Disagree.  We also asked you to tell us why you thought pharma reps were necessary. Here are the some of the reasons you provided to us:


In your opinion, are pharma sales reps necessary?

70 % of the respondents felt that pharma sales reps were necessary while 14 % said that no they were not. The more fascinating statistic was that 16 % said that it was a complicated issue. See below for some of the feedback from your colleagues regarding why the pharma reps can be a burden on the practice: 


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