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December 2013
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Welcome to the first edition of PRT Insights! 

For our inaugural edition we asked you to look into the future of the medical profession and tell us what you see. Over 1,200 PRT members responded to our survey, and the results are as intriguing as they are concerning. Scroll down to see the detailed feedback from your fellow physicians.  

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James E. Carley, MD
President, Physicians Round Table

Physicians Round Table

Negative Diagnosis on the Future of Medicine

As we head into 2014, an uncertain, dismal and bleak future is what many physicians envision for their peers. We asked 1,200 physicians to answer the following question,
"In one word, how would you summarize your feelings about the future of the medical profession in the United States?" The below word cloud is a mashup of the results with greater prominence given to the terms that appeared more frequently. Overall, 8% of respondents supplied a word with positive connotations such as optimistic, hopeful and exciting, while 65% used a negatively associated term such as pessimistic, doomed and discouraging. 27% of respondent feedback was classified as neutral, with uncertain taking the prize for most commonly used word.


To M.D. or Not to M.D.: Physicians Torn on Recommending Medicine to Next Generation

While the vast majority of doctors surveyed do not have a positive outlook on the future of medicine, the decision of whether or not they would encourage students to pursue medical careers produced mixed results. 1,200 physicians were asked to rate their level of agreement with the following statement, "I would recommend the practice of medicine to a young person considering the profession."  

The chart to the right shows an identical percentage of physicians that would and would not recommend the practice of medicine to the next generation.

While not varying significantly by age, gender or geography, the results when broken down by practice setting are noteworthy. 46% of physicians employed at teaching institutions or academic centers would recommend that youngsters pursue a career in the medical profession while only 36% of doctors in private practice felt the same way.

Perhaps physicians see decreased value in medicine as a lifetime calling?  Could this signal the profession is losing its luster? Do physicians feel they are making less of a difference today than compared to several years ago?

In 2014, PRT Insights is eager to delve deeper into these topics and grow as a trusted and valuable resource to our members and the entire medical community.

By The Numbers: 2013 in Review

Physicians Round Table would like to thank each and every one of our members for your valuable contributions to medical research in 2013. Your engagement is critical for shaping the next generation of products and services and improving the practice of medicine. We look forward to bringing you even more opportunities in the coming year, but before we close the books on 2013, here are a few interesting numbers to reflect on:


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