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March 2014
Hello Dr. ,

For the March issue of PRT Insights members provided their opinions regarding Marijuana, one of the more controversial topics that is currently facing physicians, politicians, law enforcement and ordinary citizens.  With Colorado and Washington residents legalizing cannabis for recreational use and 20 other states having it available for medical purposes, we wanted to see if the Physicians of our Roundtable were on board with the more relaxed attitude towards ganja. Scroll down to see the results. 

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James E. Carley, MD
President, Physicians Round Table

Physicians Round Table

Currently marijuana falls under a Schedule I classification under the Controlled Substances Act, what schedule classification do you believe marijuana should be under?


Respondents were very divided  about marijuana's place on the United States Controlled Substances Act.  39 % said that marijuana should be left as a Schedule I, while 30 % said that marijuana should be removed from the controlled substances act completely. 17 % said it should be knocked down to a schedule II  while 7 % wanted to push marijuana to schedule III, 4 % felt it should fall as a schedule IV and 3 % would be comfortable placing marijuana as a schedule V.  

    What should the legal status of marijuana be? 

    Not many doctors want to be lawyers, but we asked you to weigh in on what you believe the legal status of marijuana should be. 36 %  of respondents said marijuana should be legal for medicinal and recreational purposes, while 35 %  said it should only be legal for medicinal purposes. A small margin,  23 %, felt marijuana should be illegal under federal and state law while 6 % said marijuana should be illegal under federal law but each state should decide whether marijuana is legal in their jurisdiction.


    Do you believe marijuana has medicinal benefits?

    53 % of respondents felt that marijuana has some medicinal benefits while 20 % said that marijuana has nominal medicinal benefits and 19 % said that marijuana has many beenefits that research is just starting to discover.  8 % stated that marijuana had no medicinal benefits.


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